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Fredrik (2021-11-10)
Ozmoo isn't likely to come out for Vic-20. BitShifter's interpreter works for (a fully expanded) Vic-20 though.

Guru (2020-12-21)
would it be possible to port it the the VIC-20??? its my favourite computer!

Agre (2020-10-01)
I get Forbidden when trying to access the Games on your 8bit site. Please fix.

Fredrik (2020-09-17)
Amstrad CPC is based on an entirely different CPU. I can't see Ozmoo being ported to that platform.

There is a Z-code interpreter for Amstrad CPC, but it's probably not as good as Ozmoo.

Fransois (2020-09-04)
Ozmoo for Amstrad CPC would be nice; Commodore never really had that many C64 users in France as they did in Germany and the UK.

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