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2022-01-03: Installed Ozmoo 9.13, with more correct colours on Plus/4 + bug fixes.

2021-12-18: Installed Ozmoo 9.10, faster and less buggy.

2021-11-29: Installed Ozmoo 9.2, Fixing two bugs for z1/z2.

2021-11-28: Installed Ozmoo 9.0, which adds support for z1, z2 and z7 story files. [Show what has changed].

Ozmoo is a Z-code interpreter for the Commodore 64, 128, Plus/4 and the MEGA65. You can use this page to build the interpreter and bundle it with a game. You can upload any story file you like, or you can pick one of the story files which are always available in the dropdown list under "Build game".

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