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Ozmoo Online

Latest news

2022-09-29: Updated to Ozmoo 11.29, which makes printing to screen faster, fixes too long line at bottom of splash screen.

2022-09-25: Updated to Ozmoo 11.25, which adds the ability to use a scrollback buffer in RAM on C64, C128 and Plus/4. Also, you can now build games for a C64 or Plus/4 with a 1571 drive.

Recent noteworthy updates

  • Added scrollback buffer for C64 + REU, C128 + REU, MEGA65.
  • Ozmoo got REU Boost feature, speeding up gameplay by ~10% when using REU.
  • Added a Play link to single-disk games for C64.
  • Added link to Lurking Horror and Sherlock with sound for MEGA65
  • Added A Mind Forever Voyaging and Trinity to the game list.
  • Accept upload of Blorbed Z-code games
  • MEGA65 version now supports Z-code files with dynamic memory of any size, and even lightweight Inform 7 games (select XL stack for Inform 7 games!)
  • Fixed bugs: Corrupted saves on MEGA65, Scrollback bug on MEGA65

Ozmoo is a Z-code interpreter for the Commodore 64, 128, Plus/4 and the MEGA65. You can use this page to build the interpreter and bundle it with a game. You can upload any story file you like, or you can pick one of the story files which are always available in the dropdown list under "Build game". Ozmoo can build games with sound for the MEGA65, but Ozmoo Online lacks the interface for this. We have prepared an archive for download, containing MEGA65 builds of the two games that Infocom released with sound: The Lurking Horror and Sherlock.

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