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Fredrik (2022-06-23)
Regarding an Atari port: It's been discussed on AtariAge forums. Some people want to use such a port, no one wants to make it.

There is a port for Acorn/BBC computers. Google "Ozmoo for Acorn".

Fredrik (2022-06-21)
Looking forward to playing it Dave! To produce games playable with Ozmoo, you may want to have a look at PunyInform.

Stinky_Dave (2022-06-19)
I can't believe this exists. Truly fantastic work. I'm off to write some sub par IF!

Bernd (2022-04-29)
would be great to see a port for the Atari 8-Bit!

Richtw (2022-04-23)
What a great effort - combining the joy of commodore computers and the excellance of infocom!!

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