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Fredrik (2024-01-30)
We're live on new domain!

MGL (2023-04-02)
Sadly my DeLorean is at Mechanic Shop otherwise I go back in time and try on my old C64..

Eric Hill (AmigaL... (2023-03-20)
Hi Fredrik, going back to our discussion about a GEOS port from 09/2022, something to consider: Most folks push their applications over to an REU in GEOS, thus making the software load and run almost instantly after GEOS loads. (I actually boot off of a RAMLink, so even loading GEOS takes only about 20 seconds). Anyway, moving software to an REU of at least .5 MB I would think would be pretty fantastic. Saving game progress would need to probably be able to save to disk, however, for some. Anyway - just an idea. Thanks for ALL that you do!

Marco (2023-02-18)
Thanks a lot! It works

Fredrik (2023-02-17)
Updated to Ozmoo 12.3, fixing the image loader problem.

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