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Fredrik (2024-06-24)
Jeritude: I'm glad to say I was wrong! As long as you have an REU, Trinity seems to play at a nice speed on the C64. I updated Ozmoo to make this build possible, and provided a downloadable archive with Trinity for C64 (see News above). Unfortunately, building this game for C64 still requires using options which aren't available in Ozmoo Online.

Fredrik (2024-06-23)
Jeritude: Yes, unfortunately Trinity isn't a great match for the C64. It's *possible* to build it if you install Ozmoo on your own computer, select the options that make the interpreter as small as possible *and* remove a check in the build script, but it will be q pretty slow game, even if you have an REU, and essentially unplayable if you don't.

It's possible to build Trinity and play it on Plus/4, but it's dead slow due to constant swapping. This game really benefits from the extra RAM of the C128.

Jeritude (2024-06-23)
D81 Images work great with Super snapshot 5 fast load and fast save, Thanks

Jeritude (2024-06-23)
Build for C64 trinity.z4 failed. ERROR: Dynamic memory is too big (37888 bytes), would pass end of normal RAM. Maximum dynmem size is 36864 bytes.

Fredrik (2024-01-30)
We're live on new domain!

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