Graeme Cree's Starcross bugs page
  1. In version 15, besides the nest and beam of light, you can also order around the palisade and the scorched alien reptile body.
  2. In version 15, if you fire the ray gun before looking in it, then it remains closed and can't be used to hold a rod.
  3. In version 15, if you LOOK AT something THROUGH CLEAR ROD, you are told it "looks as before, only tinged by the color of the clear rod."
  4. In both versions, Red Airlock starts out with atmosphere. Before you have closed the outer door from inside, you can remove your space suit there and freely move between Red Airlock and Airlock. Removing your suit at Airlock or Red Dock kills you, and closing then opening the door without your suit does too, so there really isn't supposed to be any air.
  5. In both versions, you can PUT each disk ON itself. After you do this, almost any reference to IT locks up the program. EXAMINE IT produces a long stream of output and a crash.
  6. In both versions, there are many opportunities to get rid of your hands. You can THROW HANDS at Outside Ship, producing, "The pair of hands sails away into space." You can also DROP HANDS or THROW HANDS at Yellow Dock, Among Debris, Up a Tree, Top of Tree, Drive Bubble Entrance, On Drive Bubble, Floating in Air, On Control Bubble, or Control Bubble Entrance.
  7. In both versions, when you're sitting on the control couch on the bridge of the Starcross, anything you DROP disappears. Anything you DROP while on your bunk still shows in the description while you're on your bunk, but you can't get it back.
  8. In both versions, you can PUT SUIT ON a disk while wearing it, and it stays worn, even if you DROP the disk. Similarly, you can PUT LINE ON a disk while it's tied to the suit and/or a hook, and leave without detaching it.
  9. In both versions, the rat-ant nest is closable. When the nest is closed, its contents are still listed in the room description, but you can't interact with them.
  10. In both versions, TALK TO SPIDER gives no output once the spider has introduced itself, if you haven't given it the tape library yet.
  11. In both versions, you can CLOSE the ray gun, but can't OPEN it. LOOK IN GUN opens it, but only if there's a rod inside.
  12. In both versions, the basket is closable. You can PUT rods IN BASKET when it's closed, but then you can't interact with them.
  13. In both versions, when you're with the maintenance mouse in a dark room, you can EXAMINE MOUSE, and although you can't see him leave the room, you can FOLLOW MOUSE.
  14. In both versions, if you have the safety line tied to the space suit and you throw the line at the rat-ant nest, they will incorporate it into their nest, but it's still tied to the suit. If you leave, it becomes detached.
  15. Shooting the nest destroys it, but only if you don't smash it first. If you shoot the smashed nest, it's the unsmashed nest that is removed. --Torbjörn Andersson
  16. In both versions, at Laboratory, put a disk under the globe, then put the other disk on it. After the disks are destroyed, the room description still shows one under the globe.
  17. In both versions, once the Starcross is attached to the artifact, EXAMINE ARTIFACT says, "It's all around!", even on the Starcross.
  18. In both versions, if you're not carrying the tape library, you can't perform any other action on it except taking it. Even TOUCH LIBRARY, EXAMINE LIBRARY, or FIND LIBRARY says, "You don't have the tape library." --Torbjörn Andersson
  19. In both versions, at Red Dock, PUSH a number says, "You didn't say which one." --Torbjörn Andersson
  20. In both versions, COMPUTER, REPORT STATUS has a couple of timing mistakes. After your course correction burn, it keeps reporting, "We have a partially specified new course: R is 100. Theta is 135. Phi is 101." until you get the "You are headed towards a bright starlike object." Then it reports, "We are being scanned by radiation emanating from that mass." three turns before the scanning starts. --Torbjörn Andersson

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