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  1. In version 63, if you are in the zipper while the Oubliette is filling with water, then the zipper gets removed from the game, so when you get back out of the zipper, you're nowhere. This can cause a lockup or other crash.
  2. In version 63, PUT ME IN HYPERCUBE says, "You push yourself into the hypercube, where it hangs unsupported."
  3. In version 63, at Outer Vault, you can put the carpet in one of the piles. If you get on the carpet then get off, you're stuck in a location called "first pile" or "second pile" with no description.
  4. In version 63, you can ESPNIS SHADOW after casting GIRGOL, and the shadow will freeze you even though time is stopped.
  5. In version 63, you can animate objects with MALYON even while time is stopped by GIRGOL.
  6. In version 63, if you LISKON the weed and put it in the bottle, then you can continue to carry it around after it returns to its giant size.
  7. In version 63, if you BLORPLE a cube while you're in the zipper or on the carpet in Midair, then the object you're in is left in Midair. In version 87, it's moved to Wilderness.
  8. In version 63, it's possible to get stuck on the carpet while flying. If you discover the label before flying, then CUT the label while you're flying, then you can no longer move the carpet around, but it stays in the air.
  9. In version 63, if you're in the closed zipper, GET OUT says, "That's outside."
  10. In version 63, if you're inside the open zipper at Ruins Room, then GET IN CHANNEL says, "You already are."
  11. In version 63, there is a bug in the way you are prevented from interrupting the Guildmasters' meeting. For example, if you SAY "HI" on the first turn, first Orkan quiets you, then Sneffle speaks, then you get the error message "You forgot a second quote."
  12. In version 63, OPEN CARPET says, "It's already open."
  13. In version 63, at Carving Room, REZROV CARVING says, "It's already open."
  14. In version 63, DROP something ON GROUND says, "I don't think that the [object] is going to sprout."
  15. In version 63, if you're in the second cabinet with the door closed and nothing else in there, then REZROV CABINET says, "The cabinet bursts open, revealing !"
  16. In version 63, if you drop things at On Pillar, then go back down to Light Pool, then EXAMINE PILLAR will list the things on the top of the pillar, which you really shouldn't be able to see.
  17. In version 63, at Outer Vault, the room description tells you the state of the iron door to the north when it's supposed to tell you the state of the steel door to the south. So if you just REZROV STEEL, it still says both doors are closed, and if you just REZROV IRON DOOR, it says both doors are open.
  18. In version 63, at Octagonal Room, the hole is openable and closable. Before you've removed the plug, REZROV HOLE just opens it. After you've removed the plug, REZROV HOLE repeats the process of removing the plug, each time telling you the alabaster "melts away".
  19. In version 87, after you have removed the alabaster plug, you can CLOSE HOLE. You can still OPEN HOLE, but it does no good; when you try to go west you get the message about sliding through the hole and it disappearing, followed by "The octagonal hole is closed." You stay where you are.
  20. In both versions, if you FILL or EXTINGUISH something you're not carrying, or BREAK something WITH it, you pick it up. You can use this to pick up things you can't see, such as when you're in the orange smoke or the zipper. If you FILL ZIPPER, EXTINGUISH ZIPPER, or BREAK something WITH ZIPPER when you're in it, you get, "(Taking the zipper first)", and the program locks up. You can do the same things with the carpet while standing on it.
    You can also FILL CUBE to bypass the hermit puzzle, FILL KEY to skip the copy protection question, and FILL BLUE CARPET to steal it from the merchant. --Torbjörn Andersson
  21. In both versions, at Volcano Base, you can TOUCH LAVA WITH CARPET while you're on the carpet, burning up the carpet and producing the same problem as cutting it in version 63.
  22. In both versions, you can DROP spells from your spellbook in Midair. You can even drop them all at once using EMPTY BOOK.
  23. In both versions, you can leave things suspended in Midair, if you THROW them AT something while you're falling before the roc grabs you. Anytime you go back to Midair, the object is still there.
  24. In both versions, when you are falling in Midair, entering the zipper will prevent the roc from catching you, but you will die when you hit the ground; if you go back to Midair after resurrecting, the zipper floats in the air right next to you. --Esa Peuha
  25. In both versions, if you LISKON the weed, put it in the bottle, and close the bottle, then you can PLANT WEED without opening the bottle.
  26. In both versions, it's possible to get into the bottle. For some reason, the zipper fits inside the bottle. So drop the bottle, put the zipper in the bottle, and the carpet in the zipper. Get on the carpet, then GET OUT OF ZIPPER. The status line says you are in "bottle". Pick up the zipper, then LOOK responds with only blank lines. It seems BLORPLE is the only way out. Anything you drop is left in the bottle; this is probably the only way to put the carpet in the bottle.
  27. In both versions, at Outer Vault, the piles are closable, openable containers. You can't do anything with the contents of a closed pile.
  28. In both versions, if you cut the weed when you first find it, then drop the cutting somewhere, trying to pick it back up "pulls it out of the ground" as if it were planted.
  29. In both versions, you can put things in the idol's mouth from the ground, even though you can't reach to get anything out without climbing up.
  30. In both versions, if you EMPTY BOX before opening it, you get, "cube: The gold box is closed.", even though you don't know there's a cube in it.
  31. In both versions, COUNT CUBES behaves strangely. If all cubes present are inside closed containers, you're told you can't see any. If at least one cube is visible, then you get the full count of cubes on your person, even including the one in the gold box before you've opened it.
  32. In both versions, if you fall asleep (from exhaustion, not voluntarily) while the roc is taking you back to its nest, then you get the message, "You fall asleep and then awaken as you and The roc are eaten by a roc chick."
  33. In both versions, if a container is sitting on the carpet, and you GET it FROM CARPET you get, "Taken, but something fell off." The contents are now on the floor, whether the container is open or closed.
  34. In both versions, if you are at In Pipe when your LISKON wears off, you are crushed to death. But if you drop the gold box at In Channel or In Pipe, you can safely get back there while full-sized.
  35. In both versions, you can PLANT WEED when it's already planted, even when you first find it.
  36. In both versions, when you get inside the zipper, it seems you're not really there. In version 63, if the zipper is open, EXAMINE ME gives a description of yourself, but if it's closed, you get, "That's outside." In version 87, you get, "That's not in here!", whether the zipper is open or closed.
  37. In both versions, if you stand on the carpet inside the zipper then you can see the room outside the zipper and you get the normal room description. If you DROP things they land on the carpet, but you can only see and interact with the carpet or things on it if the zipper is open. You can GET OUT OF ZIPPER even if it's closed.
  38. In both versiosn, if you THROW something while carried by the roc, it moves to the roc's inventory. --Torbjörn Andersson
  39. In both versions, if you BLORPLE away just before the opal falls, then the opal shard appears where you are. --Torbjörn Andersson
  40. In both versions, at Ruins Room, if you PUT something IN WATER, then it is swept away by the current, even if time is stopped by GIRGOL. --Kay Savetz
  41. In both versions, after you get the blue carpet, if you CUT BLUE CARPET WITH KNIFE, then ASK MERCHANT FOR RED CARPET, he gives you back the red carpet and takes the blue one himself, bringing it back into existence. --Torbjörn Andersson
  42. In both versions, if you are on the carpet, you can take objects that are inside the closed bottle. --Torbjörn Andersson
  43. When your spellbook is ruined, you can still cast spells you have memorized using the spell name as a verb, but using the CAST verb says, "The scroll is wet, and the spell cannot be read." --Torbjörn Andersson
  44. In both versions, when you cast GIRGOL, the snake's description changes to no longer say it's hissing. But LISTEN TO SNAKE says, "It sounds like a leaky steam engine." --Torbjörn Andersson
  45. In both versions, when you are at Volcano, EXAMINE OUTCROPPING will list the objects that are there, but if you try to EXAMINE any of them you're told you can't see it. The same is true in reverse, when you are at Outcropping and EXAMINE GROUND.
  46. In both versions, where there is lava, you can TOUCH LAVA WITH almost anything, producing such messages as, "yourself hisses and sizzles when you touch the lava with it."
  47. In both versions, it seems the default response for an otherwise unhandled action on a spell is, "The scroll is wet, and the spell cannot be read." That's typically going to be buggy. TOUCH LAVA WITH a spell triggers it.
    TELL GUARD ABOUT a spell triggers it. --Kay Savetz
    WRITE "[word]" ON a spell triggers it. --Torbjörn Andersson
  48. In both versions, after you've gotten the carpet, if you say WHERE IS THE CARPET when you can't see it you get, "Your obvious eagerness to do business is matched only by your boorish manners.", as if you were talking to the merchant. This happens because the game interpets CARPET by default as the red one, which the merchant still has. In fact, this doesn't work if you leave Emporium with the red one; you have to say WHERE IS THE BLUE CARPET.
  49. In both versions, although you can cut the weed with either the knife or the shears, CUT WEED WITH BURIN says, "Strange concept, cutting a weed." A similar thing happens if you try to cut the bread or fish with the shears or burin.
  50. In both versions, UNLOCK CABINET WITH KEY just says, "Unlocked.", whether or not it already is.
  51. In both versions, after you successfully OFFER 500 to the merchant, AGAIN says, "You aren't holding the number."
  52. In both versions, the roc is female, but SEARCH ROC says, "The roc refuses to let you search him." --Torbjörn Andersson

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