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  1. In version 13 only, when your spell book is ruined, trying to cast any spell gives the response, "The spell no longer readable.", even if you know the spell by heart. So it's necessary to keep the spell book intact in order to win this version.
  2. In versions 13 and 15, if you're not carrying anything, then DROP ALL says, "You're not holdingall those things!".
  3. In versions 4 through 15, at Library, LOOK UP CAST A SPELL causes a crash. Infocom interpreters just lock up, and Frotz exits with "Fatal error: Stack overflow".
  4. In versions 4 through 15, if you interact with an object in the opening dream, then say AGAIN once awake, you can get inappropriate messages about objects that are no longer there. Version 18 just says it's too dark to see.
  5. In versions 13 and up, trying to GNUSTO a spell on a ruined scroll says, "The spell no longer readable."
  6. In all versions, if you cast GASPAR outside the maze and then die inside the maze, at your resurrection any scrolls in your possession are moved to the room just inside the maze. This happens even if that room no longer has a floor; the scrolls just float there.
  7. In all versions, if you're holding an open potion vial, you can THROW the potion AT something. The quantity of potion stays there on the floor. You can drink it, but only if you're holding its vial.
  8. In all versions, after you unlock the door at Dial Room, it stays unlocked even if you turn the dial to the wrong combination. Even so, you hear another click every time you turn it back to the right combination. --Kay Savetz
  9. In all versions, at Shaft Bottom, EXAMINE DOOR still talks about the dial set in it, but the dial is not present. --Kay Savetz
  10. In all versions, you can't GET anything while lying in bed, but if you READ it you pick it up.
  11. In all versions, if you walk into a wall in the glass maze, any objects on the floor disappear. They don't come back until you leave and return to the room. --Torbjörn Andersson
  12. In all versions, when you cast FWEEP on yourself, you drop everything. That lets you leave objects in a room where dropping them would bury them in coal, or if you FWEEP in a floorless maze room while flying with IZYUK, your stuff floats. --Torbjörn Andersson
  13. In all versions, if you go to Surface of Lagoon, your spell book is ruined by the water. This happens even if you're flying with IZYUK. In versions 13 and up, any scrolls you're carrying are also ruined. --Torbjörn Andersson
  14. In all versions, your spell book is ruined by water only when you go to Surface of Lagoon, and only when it's not in a container. You can take your spell book to Surface of Lagoon in the open crate, take it out of the crate, go down, put it back in the crate, and go back up, and your book stays fine. In versions 13 and up, the same is true of scrolls.
  15. In all versions, after you put the rope in the chute, you can untie it and still safely climb down it. --Torbjörn Andersson
  16. In all versions, if you FWEEP at Surface of Lagoon, you drown, with the message, "Unfortunately, bats make poor swimmers. Glug, glug.", even if you are already flying with IZYUK, and even if you are under the influence of the Vilstu potion.
  17. In all versions, when the rope is tied to the beam and hanging into the chute, if you pick up the rope while flying with IZYUK, then its description still says it's hanging into the chute. --Torbjörn Andersson
  18. In all versions, although you can FWEEP, VEZZA, or GASPAR without an object, if you CAST one of these spells you get, "You might as well be casting it away as not cast it on something." --Torbjörn Andersson
  19. In all versions, if you try to do something to the doorway in Your Quarters, such as READ DOORWAY or TALK TO DOORWAY, you get a failure message in which it is referred to as "an doorway". A similar thing happens with the dragon carving; READ DRAGON gives "How can you read an carving of a dragon?".
  20. In all versions, LOOK UP says, "It's too dark to see!", even when the location is lit. --Jesse McGrew
  21. In all versions, if it's light enough to see, and you're the only thing in your bed, then EXAMINE BED and LOOK IN BED give no output. --Torbjörn Andersson
  22. In all versions, at Toll Gate, HELLO GNOME says, "Silently, the gnome bows his head to you in greeting.", even if he's asleep. --Torbjörn Andersson

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