Plundered Hearts

Graeme Cree's Plundered Hearts bugs page
  1. PUT BOTTLE IN BOTTLE or POWDER HORN crashes the interpreter. Frotz exits with, "Fatal error: Stack overflow".
  2. In Cabin or Captain's Quarters, you can PUT anything visible (except ME or RETICULE) UNDER BED: WEST, WINDOW, AIR, CHEMISE, etc. You get, "You do so, but the ship rolls to one side and [object] rolls out." You can even do this with your body parts: HAND, EYES, HEAD, or MOUTH. Some objects show in the room description after you do this, and some don't. Your hand doesn't show, but your other parts do. If you PUT EYES UNDER BED once in Cabin and once in Captain's Quarters, then the second time you actually move Lafond into the room. If you PUT RAPIER UNDER BED in Captain's Quarters, then you can take it after Jamison leaves, although it doesn't show in the room description.
  3. Here are a couple more ways to lose your hand. If you THROW HAND AT CROC you get, "The crocodile snaps its jaws shut as your hand disappears into the pool." If you ATTACK LAFOND WITH HAND, then he takes it away from you. "Let that be a warning to you, my love."
  4. There are at least two ways to get rid of your reticule. If you PUT RETICULE IN RUM (or WATER) at Main Deck, the reticule disappears into the barrel. If you PUT RETICULE IN MANACLES, it falls to the floor and you can't pick it up.
  5. At Forecastle and Galley, there's a "shack" object representing the galley where Cookie is, but it's an openable, closable container that doesn't contain the contents of the Galley location. If you PUT things IN SHACK then you can't get them back.
  6. You can EXAMINE COFFER, or use a number of other verbs on it, before you've found it.
  7. Aboard the Lafond Deux, THROW something OVERBOARD says, "One normally tries this on a boat."
  8. When Jamison offers you protection or Lafond asks you to dance, SIT ON anything is treated as an affirmative response.
  9. RIP SLIPPERS says, "You can't bring yourself to ruin the linen chemise."
  10. PUT something IN CUPBOARD says, "You'll have to get in the large cupboard to do that.", even if you're in it.
  11. If you READ INVITATION a second time you see the contents of the invitation followed by, "You can't read an invitation!".
  12. GET IN CASK produces, "You crawl into the cask, feeling a slab of something stuck on the bottom.", even if you've already gotten the slab of pork.
  13. You can CUT THE ROPE with the dagger even if it's in your closed reticule.
  14. The skiff is closable. If you CLOSE SKIFF, you still see all its contents, and can interact with them in many ways other than taking them. The ledge at Captain's Quarters is also an openable, closable container, whose contents you can see when it's closed.
  15. SIT ON SEA gives, "The cool water runs through your fingers.", even in places where you can't otherwise interact with the sea, such as on the bed in Captain's Quarters.
  16. In Library, you can PUT things IN KNOB. You can't get them back, but you can see them if you EXAMINE KNOB or LOOK IN KNOB. The rigging on the Helena Louise is a container that behaves similarly.
  17. If you put on the beautiful ball gown then row the skiff back to the ship, you can get permanently stuck on the rope ladder. TIE LADDER TO SKIFF makes you climb partway up it. Then trying to go UP or DOWN says, "In these clothes? You jest." REMOVE GOWN or WEAR some other clothes says, "You can't manage the fastenings while whipping to and fro on a ladder." --Kay Savetz
  18. In Library or Lafond's Bedroom, BURN DRAPES says, "You have no source of fire. In an instant, the drapes is consumed by fire." The drapes are still there. You get a similar response to BURN ROPE at Gallery, but the rope disappears.
  19. In Dungeon, you can PUT things IN TRAPDOOR when it's closed.
  20. In Lafond's room, although your goblet is said to be "brimming with wine", the only wine is in the flagon. If you DROP WINE or THROW WINE you get, "You're not holding the quantity of wine.". EMPTY MY CUP and REACH IN MY CUP both tell you it contains nothing. If the flagon is closed or not in the room, then you can't interact with the wine. You can't even DRINK WINE. In contrast, you can DRINK WINE in the same room as the open flagon even if your full cup is in your closed reticule.
  21. When Lafond is waiting for you to drink the wine, if you DROP MY CUP then DRINK WINE you get, "You're not holding a goblet of wine!", but apparently you drink the wine anyway. Lafond praises you, and your goblet is no longer full. This only works once.
  22. You can only POUR WINE IN MY CUP in the presence of the open flagon, but you can FILL MY CUP anywhere, as long as you're holding your cup.
  23. FILL MY CUP WITH anything visible fills it with wine.
  24. DRINK FROM BOTTLE says, "You squeeze three colorless drops into the [garbage]." You suffer no ill effects.
  25. When you blow the spices at Lafond, he upsets the table, breaking a glass. It's always his goblet that's destroyed, even if yours is on the table and his isn't. You can PUT HIS CUP ON BED, or you can even be holding the closed flagon with his goblet inside, and it still gets destroyed.
  26. If you're holding the tray you can DROP SPICES. The spices don't show in the room description, but you can interact with them at that location. After you do this, EXAMINE SPICES says, "It is empty."
  27. If you're holding the tray you can DROP CHICKEN. The "cold chicken" shows in the room description, but you can't pick it up. GET CHICKEN produces the same message as EAT CHICKEN: "You sprinkle some spices on a wing and nibble at it...", even if there are no spices in the room.
  28. On the final turn after Lafond leads you over to the bed, you can WEAR any takeable object in sight. Thus you can suffer "a fate worse than death" while dressed!
  29. If you WAVE something in your inventory, you get, "You wave [object] in the air.", but it repeats your input exactly, without inserting an article or adjective. For example, WAVE RETICULATEDPYTHON says, "You wave reticulatedpython in the air."

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