Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It

Graeme Cree's Nord and Bert bugs page
  1. You can CALL people who aren't there, and get a response, even if they're in a different scenario.
  2. Several objects are surprisingly closable, and behave inconsistently. In Shopping Bizarre, the flower is closable. When the flower is closed, EXAMINE FLOWER tells you its contents, but you can't interact with them. In Buy the Farm, the rusty tin trough is closable. When it's closed, you can't interact with its contents, but EXAMINE TROUGH still tells you whether or not it contains oats. The applecart is also closable, but you can still upset it while it's closed. Oddly, the donkey is a closable container, too. In Eat Your Words, the olive tree is closable. When the branch is in the tree and it's closed, EXAMINE TREE says, "There's one branch loose.", but GET BRANCH doesn't work, and CUT TREE WITH HATCHET says, "You'll have to open the olive tree first." In Shake a Tower, the rat and hat (which are really the same object) are closable. If you CLOSE RAT then you can't interact with the habit, but EXAMINE RAT still mentions it.
  3. In Shopping Bizarre, if you're carrying the mussels you can DROP MUSCLES or PUT MUSCLES IN or ON something. You still undergo the "Hulkian physical transformation", but the muscles are on the floor or wherever you PUT them. You can still pick them up. You could even PUT MUSCLES ON SALE and BUY MUSCLES. If you change them back to mussels, then they fall to the floor--even from inside the freezer. You can also GIVE MUSCLES to the cereal murderer, who bites them and flings them away.
  4. In Shopping Bizarre, if you have the mussels, then GET MUSCLES produces the message about the "Hulkian physical transformation" followed by "You already have the muscles." --Edward Gosling
  5. In Shopping Bizarre, if you turn the lox back into locks and put them down, then GET LOCKS says, "They're strongly attached to the door."
  6. In Shopping Bizarre, once you've turned the locks into lox, then READ LOX or BREAK something WITH LOX picks up the lox without "unloxing" the door. You can even leave the lox elsewhere, but OPEN DOOR still says, "The door is loxed.", until you GET LOX, MOVE LOX, or similar.
  7. In Shopping Bizarre, you can go anywhere from Cellar even with the door closed.
  8. In Buy the Farm, if you PUT HAMMER IN HAYSTACK you get, "No need to worry about anybody running off with your the hammer.". You get the same phrasing, with "your the", for any object you try to put in the haystack, except the "one stone".
  9. In Eat Your Words, if you put the olive branch back in the tree and take it again, you still get, ""Snap!" The branch comes off in your hands."
  10. In Eat Your Words, there are actions you can take in the kitchen that produce messages about the waitress's reaction, even though she never goes in the kitchen. These include HIT THE CEILING and GET DOWN TO THE NITTY-GRITTY. --Kay Savetz
  11. In Shake a Tower, if the louse is crawling on you, you can PUT LOUSE IN FIRE, destroying it, but when you put on the hat the louse reappears in it. y
  12. In Shake a Tower, if you are carrying the gritty pearl you can PUT PRETTY GIRL IN HAT (or even RAT). You can go through the door carrying the girl in the hat, but the text talks about the pearl.
  13. In Shake a Tower, at Jean Stock with your old self, ASK SELF ABOUT ELF shows the text for transforming the sold elf to your old self, although it's changing the other way. If the sold elf is there, ASK ELF ABOUT SELF gives the same message, then erroneously says, "Self to elf.", and it's still the elf. --Kay Savetz

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