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  1. In both versions, you can interact with the late Lionel Tresyllian anywhere except the dining room. In the dining room, LIONEL is interpreted as referring to the bronze bust. Two interesting things you can do are GIVE LIONEL things and GET things FROM LIONEL. If you GIVE LUGGAGE TO LIONEL before Bolitho comes to get it, then Bolitho will be stuck permanently in Courtyard.
  2. In version 4, talking to Lionel crashes the program. If you TALK TO LIONEL, ASK or TELL LIONEL something, or EXPLAIN or DESCRIBE something TO LIONEL, or if you give him a direct command (e.g. LIONEL, DROP ALL), then the interpreter exits with "Fatal error: No such property".
  3. In both versions, interacting with Lionel in several other ways also crashes the program. If you KISS, HIT, FEEL, UNMASK, APOLOGIZE TO, BOW TO, COMFORT, or KNOCK OUT LIONEL, the interpreter exits with "Fatal error: No such property".
  4. In both versions, the game usually won't let you accuse people before dinner, but in the red variation, if you order Lord Jack to the first-floor corridor and play the hidden tape for him, then Dr. Wendish comes and grabs him and he confesses. Now dinner can never happen because everybody is waiting for Lord Jack to show up, and Deirdre won't appear, making the game unwinnable. --Mark Tilford
  5. In both versions, you can THROW body parts TO other characters. For example, THROW HAND TO TAMARA produces the response, "She catches the hand with her right hand." After doing this, you can ASK TAMARA FOR HAND. She gives it to you, and it shows in your inventory. You can also use EYE or HEAD.
  6. In both versions, another way to lose body parts is PUT them UNDER BOWL. After you do this you can GET EYE or HEAD, but not HAND. You have to GET BOWL or LOOK UNDER BOWL to get the hand back.
  7. In both versions, in the green variation, if you ASK ABOUT INKWELL you get credit for finding the treasure, instead of "(You haven't found it yet!)".
  8. In both versions, in the red variation, if you're carrying the cane, you can THROW PAINT. If you THROW it AT an inanimate object, then it won't show up in the room description, but you can only REMOVE PAINT in that room. SHAKE CANE spills the paint there, too. You can even REMOVE PAINT there without the cane. If you THROW PAINT TO someone, you can then ASK them FOR PAINT, and the coat of paint shows in your inventory, but you can't DROP PAINT.
  9. In both versions, you can put the luggage inside itself using EMPTY. If you put the luggage in an empty container, then EMPTY the container INTO LUGGAGE, then the luggage disappears. If you do this before Bolitho retrieves the luggage (using the car or umbrella stand), you can get him to enter the luggage himself, sometimes locking up the program. If the container isn't empty before, you can crash the interpreter, because you put the luggage in itself then try to put something else in it. Frotz exits with "Fatal error: Stack overflow". When the luggage is inside itself, FIND LUGGAGE locks up.
  10. In both versions, you can get inside your luggage. If it's on the ground and you're in the car, simply EMPTY CAR INTO LUGGAGE. You need to bring a light source in order to see, and there's apparently no way to get out.
  11. In both versions, if you EMPTY BUST in the dining room, the small tape recorder spills out onto the floor. It shows in the room description, but it's untakeable. You can even EMPTY BUST INTO LUGGAGE to carry the recorder around with you.
  12. In both versions, the verb EMPTY is responsible for numerous other problems, since it spills out the contents of a container apparently without setting a flag saying that you have found or moved those contents. For example, if you EMPTY BOOKCASE in the library before you have activated the secret door from inside the library, then you see the history book on the floor, but it's untakeable. In the green variation, if you EMPTY RHINO in the game room before finding the third clue, the glass eye spills out onto the floor, but the third clue isn't on the floor or in the rhino head. After doing this, you can't ever find the third clue. Similar things happen to the lab notebook in the green variation if you EMPTY BOOKCASE before examining it, in the blue variation if you EMPTY ARMOR before opening it, in the red variation if you EMPTY APPLE or EMPTY STAND before examining them, or in the yellow or blue variations if you EMPTY BELL before looking in it.
  13. In both versions, the stuffed rhino head is closable. In the green variation, if you CLOSE RHINO before finding the third clue, then you can't interact with the glass eye anymore, and so can't find the third clue. OPEN RHINO then gives the same message as EXAMINE RHINO. It is still possible to open the rhino head, using PUT something IN RHINO.
  14. In both versions, the bookcase is closable. In the green variation, if you CLOSE BOOKCASE then EXAMINE IT, you find the lab notebook, but you can't interact with it until you OPEN BOOKCASE.
  15. In both versions, the goldfish pond is closable.
  16. In both versions, there are several inanimate objects that you can TELL ABOUT something and get, "I'm afraid you'll have to show me instead of telling me.", as if they were characters. These include OCEAN, BUST, MUSIC, and PIANO. Apparently, this works with anything you can LISTEN TO and get a non-default response.
  17. In both versions, if you're in the sitting room with the piece of music present, and you haven't played the piano yet, then LISTEN TO MUSIC gives no output.
  18. In both versions, GET MOONLIGHT produces, "The cord isn't long enough."
  19. In both versions, showing a body part to someone is slightly buggy. For example, if you SHOW HAND TO IAN, and Vivien is the one listening to you at the moment, the message before the actual response says, "[I assume you mean: Vivien's ian.]".
  20. In both versions, SIT ON FLOOR says, "You're now sitting on the floor.", but you don't really sit. If you then say STAND you get, "(You are already standing up!)".
  21. In both versions, you can usually take things other characters are carrying without any reaction from them. When Bolitho says, "May I offer one last suggestion?", if you GET DEVICE, then answer YES when he repeats the question, he gives you the aerosol device you just took from him.
  22. In both versions, if you KNOCK ON a closed door when someone's on the other side, they open it for you and go about their business, even if it's a secret door.

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