Leather Goddesses of Phobos

Graeme Cree's LGOP bugs page
Note: Since version 59 is now known to be the first released version, I'm no longer tracking bugs in version 50
  1. In version 59, using the word EACH by itself as an object, as in GET EACH, produces the response, "[You used the word "other" in a way that I don't understand.]"
  2. In the Solid Gold version only, COUNT FINGERS says, "Two, as usual." Version 59 gives the right answer.
  3. In both versions, after you've removed the lip balm from your lips, EXAMINE LIPS makes it reappear.
  4. In both versions, trying to UNCOVER a person besides yourself causes a serious error. It addresses an invalid object, which Infocom's interpreters seem not to notice. Most other interpreters have a problem with it; some display garbage, others lock up, and some exit with a fatal error.
  5. In both versions, if, playing as a male, you refer to BIKINI you get, "There's no bikini here." Following this with a reference to IT produces, "There's no brass loincloth here.", although that's not true. This works similarly with genders reversed.
  6. In both versions, if you knock on the south cell door, then Trent/Tiffany yells at you in "a muffled voice". This happens whether the door is open or closed, and no matter where either of you is.
  7. In both versions, at Fork, Of Sorts, you can PUSH TRENT INTO HOLE, producing "Trent grabs wildly at you, pulling both of you into the hole." even if you're already in the hole.
  8. In both versions, when you go through the black circle at Long Corridor on the spaceship, you appear in midair, and both of you are snatched by a pterodactyl and deposited at the next place. But then you still get the message about your companion appearing one body part first, as if following you through a black circle. --Kay Savetz
  9. In both versions, the white suit disappears from your inventory when you enter a black circle. --Kay Savetz
    There is actually code in the game that is intended to print the message, "Oddly, your white suit vanishes without a trace.", but first it moves the suit to At Main Hatch, then checks to see if the suit is visible before printing the message, so it is never printed.

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