Hollywood Hijinx

Graeme Cree's Hollywood Hijinx bugs page
  1. If there is water in the bucket, then PUT WATER IN SEA, POND, or GAP, THROW WATER OUT WINDOW, or HANG WATER ON a PEG all empty the bucket, but you continue to get the messages about the water leaking out.
  2. The sofa is takeable. No matter where you leave it, you can always interact with it--even take it--in the Living Room. It also fits in the bucket, sack, toilet, hopper, trunk, or cannon. If you hang the bucket on a peg with the sofa in it, then go to Living Room, then GET SOFA says, "You'd better take the bucket off the peg first."
  3. If you PUT something IN TOILET, you can interact with it in any bathroom.
  4. When you're swimming without the bucket, DROP WATER says, "The water disappears into the ocean water." You can do this repeatedly, but after you've done it once, trying to DROP anything else while swimming says, "You can't see water here!".
  5. You can POUR any visible object (even an untakeable one) ON THE FIRE, extinguishing it. The object stays where it is.
  6. When you're swimming, THROW something says, "You're not holding the [object].", but moves it from your inventory into the room.
  7. If you have a large enough inventory, then GET BRICK responds, "Your load is too heavy.", but you take the brick anyway. However, it's possible to be carrying enough stuff that you can't take the brick.
  8. If the finch is in the bucket it will survive THROW BUCKET OUT WINDOW, but not if it's in the sack in the bucket.
  9. The red and green matches are containers. Each of them will hold the other, the thin paper, yellowed paper, business card, Aunt Hildegarde's letter, photo of Uncle Buddy, copy of The Status Line, strip of film, slide, or any punchcard. You can't PUT anything IN a waterproofed match, but it still contains anything it did before waterproofing.
  10. If you're wearing the ring, then HANG RING ON a peg drops it to the floor, but it still shows as "(being worn)". REMOVE RING says you're not wearing it, though.
  11. Trying to EMPTY one of the wax statuettes has strange effects. If you're not carrying it you get, "The [color] candle wax: But the [color] wax statuette isn't in the [color] wax statuette." If you are carrying it you get, "The [color] candle wax: You're already holding it.", and from then on your inventory includes, "Sitting on the [color] wax statuette is a [color] candle wax."
  12. When the bucket is hanging on a peg, trying to take anything out of it says, "You'd better take the bucket off the peg first.", but you can still EMPTY BUCKET, dumping its contents to the floor. --Kay Savetz
  13. If the crawl space door is open, then trying to OPEN it produces, "You can't seem to open it.", rather than, "It's already open."
  14. Waterproofing both matches creates an unresolvable ambiguity. EXAMINE COATING produces, "[Which coating do you mean, the wax coating or the wax coating?]". Answering COATING, WAX COATING, or WAX produces, "[Which coatin do you mean,...?]".

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