Graeme Cree's Enchanter bugs page
  1. In version 10, if you are carrying the jewelled box with the rope intact, you can DROP ROPE. The box is left open and empty. The rope stays in that room, but doesn't show up in the room description. Trying to pick it up is treated as trying to remove it from the box. Once you've done this, REZROV ROPE gives no output. The same thing happens in all versions with THROW ROPE AT something.
  2. In version 10, DRINK FROM JUG says, "How peculiar!" even if it's full of water.
  3. In versions 10 and 15, the adventurer will follow you out the main castle gate. If you stay with him after that, then within a few moves you get, "The adventurer peers through the gate, but he decides against passing through. The adventurer leaves the room, heading to the [string of garbage]." After he does this, FOLLOW ADVENTURER teleports you directly to Courtyard.
  4. In versions 15 and 16, you get no output from casting a spell (other than GNUSTO) on a spell, such as FROTZ NITFOL or BLORB BLORB.
  5. In versions 10 through 16, after casting KULCAD on the stairs, get yourself killed by some ordinary means, such as wandering in the darkness or casting BLORB ME. You are resurrected with your spell book, but it doesn't show in your inventory. If you DROP it, it doesn't show in the room and can't be picked back up. In later versions you can see it and pick it up, but it's empty of spells.
  6. In versions 10 through 16, once you have moved the lighted portrait, if you are in Gallery with no light source, then it has no room description.
  7. In versions 10 through 16, you can order the turtle east from Landing to Winding Stair. When you go up or down the stairs, the turtle stays there with you. Ordering the turtle to go up produces the following:
    The turtle huffs and puffs up the stairs. "Pretty steep stairs for a turtle, friend...."
    You climb the stairs, making one circuit of the tower.
    The rainbow turtle, ever the good friend, leaves you.
  8. In versions 10 through 16, after you have examined the portraits at Gallery, if the adventurer goes there while charmed by VAXUM, then you see him look at and hear him comment on the portraits, even if you aren't there.
  9. In versions 10 through 16, the book of legends can't be closed.
  10. In versions 10 through 16, if you try to untie the jewelled box using BREAK ROPE you get, "You certainly won't get anywhere using the [garbage]!".
  11. In versions 10 through 16, you can close the south gate, and can't go through it when it's closed, but the room description at South Gate always includes, "a small rusty gate is standing open and slowly swaying in a gentle sea breeze."
  12. In versions 10 through 16, if you EXAMINE ASHES at Landing, you get the message about the rat tracks, which belongs only at Library.
  13. Giving things to the turtle doesn't work, but you can PUT something IN TURTLE if it's small enough, such as a scroll or the pencil. In versions 10 through 16, GET something FROM TURTLE that he's carrying says, "The turtle is much too large to take."
  14. In versions 10 through 16, KULCAD ME says, "It appears that the you was real, since nothing happens."
  15. In versions 10 through 24, you can carry the water around without the jug. After filling the jug, use LOCK (or BREAK or UNLOCK) something WITH WATER to put the "quantity of water" in your inventory.
  16. In versions 10 through 24, if you CAST a spell ON something that isn't there, instead of just using the spell's name as a verb, then the error message is wrong: "You can't see any [spell name] here."
  17. In version 29, several error messages are missing a space. On the first turn, TALK TO KRILL says, "You can't seekrill here." After you've been to Hall of Mirrors One, any reference you make to ADVENTURER when he's not present produces, "You can't see anyadventurer here." Once the turtle has left Beach, references to him when he's absent give, "You can't see anyturtle here."
  18. In all versions, if you GIVE something TO TURTLE you get the same message whether the turtle is present or not: "The turtle extends his head towards the [object], but decides it's not very interesting, and withdraws." In version 29, this only happens in the turtle's absence after he has moved from Beach.
  19. In all versions, BREAK something WITH JUG says, "The jug shatters into innumerable pieces.", but the jug is left intact. In fact, the first object is the one that is removed. You can use this to destroy many objects in the game.
  20. In all versions, FILL BROOK WITH something says, "Ok, but there was plenty enough there already.", and the object is destroyed.
  21. In all versions, you can THROW spells from your spellbook AT things, such as THROW BLORB AT WALL or THROW GNUSTO AT ME. This removes the spell from your book.
  22. In all versions, the north gate of the castle is closable. You can go south through this gate when it's closed, but not north.
  23. In all versions, if you FILL something besides the jug by a water source, you get, "The [object] isn't a very good container." Now the jug is empty, wherever it is. You also empty the jug if you GET WATER when you're by a water source without the jug.
  24. In all versions, the BLORB spell has a few unforeseen effects. If you BLORB WATER, then when the box is gone, the "quantity of water" stays on the ground. Strangely, you can BLORB ADVENTURER, apparently removing him from the game permanently. You can also BLORB BRASS LANTERN when the adventurer is around, taking it away from him. This lantern behaves very strangely, seemingly turning on and off on its own.
  25. In all versions, when the egg is open, you can DROP or THROW the controls that open it: HANDLE, KNOB, SLIDE, CRANK, or BUTTON. Trying this with the egg closed will tell you the control is closed.
  26. In all versions, if you CLOSE EGG before removing the scroll from it, then the scroll still shows inside the egg in your inventory. Attempts to DROP or THROW that scroll claim the "scroll is closed", GET SCROLL says, "You can't reach that.", but you can PUT it somewhere. Oddly, once you've repaired the shredded scroll, closing and opening the egg doesn't shred it again.
  27. In all versions, all spells are omnipresent. You can EXAMINE any spell, regardless of whether you've seen it or not, and get the description of what it does. You can also FIND any spell and be told where it's located (the kind of scroll or "in the spell book").
  28. In all versions, if the jug full of water is on the ground, then GET WATER picks up the jug but gives no output.
  29. In all versions, at Bedroom, after you've taken the gold leaf scroll out of the small compartment, PUSH BUTTON gives no output, although it does open the compartment if you've closed it.
  30. In all versions, you can EXAMINE CRONE at any time, whether you've seen her or not.
  31. In all versions, if you try to READ a scroll in a room without light, you are told, "It is impossible to read in the dark.", but if you EXAMINE the scroll you see the spell name and description, and can then GNUSTO the spell.
  32. In all versions, a scroll is a closed transparent container holding the spell. You can REZROV the scroll and then THROW the spell AT something, dropping it on the floor, where it is invisible. --Torbjörn Andersson
  33. In all versions, REZROV COMPARTMENT instead of BEDPOST uses up two REZROVs. So if you only have it memorized once, you're told you don't have it memorized--and you no longer do. --Torbjörn Andersson
  34. In all versions, if you try to order the frogs to do something, e.g. FROG, JUMP, they will say, "Breep! No, thank you. Breep!" even if you haven't used the NITFOL spell on them. --Torbjörn Andersson
  35. In all versions, GAG ME WITH BOOK says, "With a you?". --Torbjörn Andersson
  36. In all versions, at Beach, SWIM IN WATER says, "This is a very small brook. Forget it." --Torbjörn Andersson

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