Note: Grame Cree's list has no bugs for Cutthroats
  1. If the portable electromagnet is turned off, you can TOUCH MAGNET TO or PUT MAGNET ON just about anything. This can cause numerous problems. You get the response, "The portable electromagnet is now touching the [object]." If you're holding the magnet, the object no longer shows in the room description, and your inventory includes, "The portable electromagnet is touching: A [object]". If you DROP the object you get, "It's stuck to the magnet.", but if you leave the room, it's left behind. If you're not holding the magnet, the room description includes, "Attached to the magnet is a [object]". If you're not holding the magnet and you PUT MAGNET ON MAGNET, then the next command locks up the program. The same thing happens if you TOUCH MAGNET TO and PUT MAGNET IN the same container, such as DRESSER or CLOSET. If you TOUCH MAGNET TO CLOSET THEN PUT ALL IN CLOSET (or DRESSER), then when it gets to the next object after the magnet, the interpreter crashes. The Infocom interpreter locks up, but Frotz exits, with "Fatal error: Stack overflow". There are other silly effects as well. If you PUT MAGNET ON CLOSET THEN PUT MAGNET IN DRESSER THEN CLOSE DRESSER, then the closet and its contents disappear until you open the dresser. If you're not holding the magnet then you can use it to steal objects from other characters, such as McGinty's cigar, the Weasel's knife, Pete's eyepatch, and the coin or plate held by Johnny. These objects stay at that location, although trying to pick them up gives you the same messages as if their owners were there. Of these, only the coin and plate show in the room description when no longer attached to the magnet.
  2. OPEN SAFE WITH DRILL is a buggy command. It doesn't turn on the drill, so you can do it even after the drill has failed. It still works when the safe is open, and it always gives the same message: "As you drill through the lock, the door opens with a rush of escaping air!". The battery has to be in the drill for you to do this, and once you do, you can never turn on the drill.
  3. After you've drilled the safe, you can CLOSE and OPEN it again, but if you EMPTY SAFE, then it's locked again. This is because you actually spill out the "hole you've drilled" onto the floor, although it doesn't show in the room description.
  4. Normally, when you turn on the portable electromagnet or enter a room with it turned on, the key, air tank, or small compressor will stick to it if they're in the room. This doesn't work, however, if they're in or on something, even if they're visible.
  5. When you're diving, most commands that remove your mask, air tank, air hose, or diving suit will of course kill you. However, you can PUT MASK or TANK IN SAFE, or PUT SUIT IN CASK, without dying. You can even DROP HOSE. It doesn't show up in the room description, and you can't pick it up, just CONNECT HOSE TO SUIT.
  6. If you put the lit flashlight inside the safe and close it, you can still see.
  7. When you're in bed, you can't GET things that aren't on the bed, but you can pick them up with FILL.
  8. If the room key is stuck to the magnet, then PUT KEY UNDER DOOR says, "The portable electromagnet is closed."
  9. PUT ME IN HOLE says, "You can't see any yourself here."
  10. PUT MAGNET IN SEA says, "There's no room."
  11. The syntax for indirect objects of the verbs SHOW and GIVE is inconsistent. SHOW JOHNNY MONEY responds, "What do you want to show Johnny money to?" or, "You can't see any Johnny money here." SHOW MONEY TO JOHNNY is parsed correctly. This problem also happens with PETE, WEASEL, and PARROT, but not with MCGINTY, CLERK, BARTENDER, TELLER, or SALESMAN.
  12. Normally, trying to GIVE yourself to someone causes the game to respond, "You romantic fool!", but the teller and the salesman are exceptions. GIVE SALESMAN ME produces, "The salesman looks at you, then returns it." GIVE TELLER ME generates the even sillier response, "The teller examines the you, thinks for a moment, and then hands it back to you, pointing out that you have no safe deposit box."
  13. LOWER ME says, "Unfortunately, you isn't here."
  14. CALL ME says, "You must use a verb!"
  15. At Fore Deck, when Pete the Rat is sitting in the chair, you can PUSH PETE OFF CHAIR, getting the response, "The Pete the Rat is now on the floor." --Torbjörn Andersson
  16. At Lounge on the boat, you can SIT ON CHAIR even if there's an object sitting on it--unlike other chairs in the game. If you do, then the room description includes, "Sitting on the chair are:", even if there's only one object. --Torbjörn Andersson
  17. Unlike other objects, if you EXAMINE CANISTER in the dark, it still tells you what the label says. --Torbjörn Andersson
  18. You can see the drill sputter and stop, even if you're somewhere else. --Torbjörn Andersson
  19. When the drill is on, you can DROP BATTERY, EMPTY DRILL, or SHAKE DRILL to take the battery out of the drill without it turning off. --Torbjörn Andersson
  20. In the passenger compartment of the Leviathan, you can PUT small objects (including the note, key, and putty) UNDER DOOR and have them end up on the other side, even though that door is airtight. --Torbjörn Andersson
  21. You can EXAMINE LADDER in the purser's cabin of the Leviathan, but it's not really there. --Torbjörn Andersson
  22. At Mariners' Trust, SEARCH TELLER says, "You can't reach behind the counter.", although the teller is behind a window, not a counter. --Torbjörn Andersson
  23. If the Weasel picks up his Merchant Seaman's card, it says, "The Weasel picks up the envelope." --Torbjörn Andersson
  24. TOUCH something WITH MAGNET says, "The magnet is touching the portable electromagnet." --Torbjörn Andersson

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