Torpedo Boat Commander

This is a game written in Commodore 64 Basic. The game was developed by Fredrik Ramsberg in 2019. It was entered into the PUR-80 category of the Basic 10Liner Contest 2019.



You are the commander of a small torpedo boat on a river in the jungle. Your mission is to get the attention of the enemy, by going as far as possible up the river, while other forces launch a secret attack elsewhere. Unforunately, there are lots of mines in the water, which can blow your boat to smithereens.

Apart from avoiding the mines, you can also shoot them using your torpedoes. However, you only have three torpedo tubes. Whenever you have fired a torpedo, your crew will start loading a new torpedo, but this takes a while. A torpedo will make all mines in its path explode, until it runs out of fuel. Then it will stop and lay still in the water, forming an obstacle in itself.

Source code


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