Crazy Sub

This is a game written in Commodore 64 Basic. The game was developed by Fredrik Ramsberg in 2020. It was entered into the PUR-80 category of the Basic 10Liner Contest 2020.



You are the commander of a submarine, trying to hit an enemy ship with all of your torpedoes. While you can never hope to sink the enemy ship, you must try to weaken it as much as possible so others can land the final blow. You have nine torpedoes. As it turns out, someone has tried to sabotage your mission by supplying you with a mix of torpedoes with different power ratings. The higher the power rating (0-9), the faster the torpedo will reach the enemy ship. The battle screen shows how many torpedoes you have left (TP), the power rating of the currently loaded torpedo (PW) and your score (SC). Do you have what it takes to get a perfect score of 900 points? After firing all nine torpedoes, the program ends and your final score is displayed. Type "run" to play again.

Controls: Any key to fire a torpedo.

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