Graeme Cree's Suspended bugs page
  1. In version 5, there is a bug in the routine that describes what Iris sees when you AIM CAMERA AT GROOVE or CABLES in Primary Channel or Secondary Channel. If one of the spaces for cables is empty, then gibberish is printed instead of a cable description.
  2. In version 5, telling any robot other than Whiz to UNPLUG produces a garbage message.
  3. In all versions, you can PUT two containers IN each other. You can even use this to crash the program. For example, if Waldo is holding the basket, the box, and something else, then PUT BOX IN BASKET THEN PUT ALL IN BOX causes a crash. Frotz says, "Fatal error: Stack overflow".
  4. In all versions, put the tool bag inside something, such as the wire basket. Then you can carry it around, and the humans will chase you, but they'll never actually steal back the bag. One interesting thing to do is to take the bag, inside the basket, to the Bio area. If you do, you get a garbled FC INTERRUPT message every turn. Of course, then the humans can't get at it either. --David Wildstrom
  5. In all versions, you can make a robot carry more objects than it has extensions, by having another robot PUT things IN it. This works on all the robots except Sensa.
  6. In all versions, when Waldo is wearing the grasper he can PUT GRASPER IN a container, and it will continue to show as "(being worn)". He can also WEAR GRASPER while it's in a container he's holding, and it will stay in the container but show as "(being worn)". He can open Iris without the grasper even being in the room!
  7. In all versions, you can use IT after a successful ASK command to interact with objects that aren't present. For example, if Whiz is plugged in, you can tell him to ASK ABOUT an object THEN GET IT. Similarly, if Waldo is wearing the grasper he can ASK ABOUT IRIS THEN OPEN IT, regardless of where Iris is.
  8. In all versions, when you tell one robot to GIVE something TO another, whether it's "too heavy" for the receiving robot to hold depends on the giving robot. Waldo can give things much better than Poet, for example.
  9. In all versions, it's possible for Whiz to leave a room but stay plugged in, if he's following another robot, or if he plugged in while in the process of obeying a GO TO command.
  10. In all versions, when Iris is blind, she reports the color of items in her inventory (given to her by another robot).
  11. In all versions, when Iris can see, telling her to PUT ALL somewhere or GIVE ALL TO someone produces, "I don't have the maintenance panel."

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