Graeme Cree's Seastalker bugs page
  1. In all versions, you can GIVE things TO COMMANDER BLY while you're talking to her on the videophone. You can even give her the microphone!
  2. In all versions, GET something FROM BLY says, "yourself isn't here!".
  3. In all versions, if you EXAMINE COMMANDER BLY while she's on the videophone but you're not at lab center then you get, "(Which commander Bly do you mean, Commander Bly or Commander Bly?)".
  4. In all versions, FIND ASSISTANT says, "[Foo!! This is a bug!!]".
  5. In all versions, GET IN something gives the wrong failure message. GET IN MICROPHONE says, "You can't get the microphone now."
  6. You're not supposed to remove the microphone from lab center. If you try to go away while holding it or order Tip or Sharon to do the same, the game stops you. Nonetheless, there are a few ways to do it, which work in all versions. If you have the microphone, you can GET IN SUB, or you can give it to Tip and tell him to GET IN SUB. If Tip or Sharon is with you and you're not at lab center, then telling them to GET MIKE makes them go and bring it back. If one of them has it, you can CALL TIP or SHARON and they'll come with it. Finally, you can GIVE MIKE TO SHARON before the phone dies, follow her and get it back.
  7. In all versions, when the phone dies, Sharon says she has to go back to her office and leaves. If you give the microphone to Tip or Bly, then you can be in Sharon's office with her when she says this and disappears.
  8. In all versions, you can say BYE BLY anywhere and get, "I hope to see you soon, [your name]."
  9. In all versions, you can GIVE ARM TO someone, and in all but the earliest version (which doesn't understand the word "FOR") you can ASK him FOR ARM.

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