A Mind Forever Voyaging

Graeme Cree's AMFV bugs page
  1. In version 77, you can CALL people who aren't there. In particular, you can CALL RYDER at any time.
  2. In version 77, PUT something IN BABY produces, "The baby is no place for a baby!".
  3. In version 77, references to the "sleep" object generate messages that use articles, as in "the sleep" or "a sleep".
  4. In both versions, at Halley Park West, you can PUT HEAD IN POND: "It sinks into the depths of the pond." You can do the same with HANDS.
  5. In both versions, when you are in Skycar Lot or First Methodist Church, references to LOT are treated as ambiguous. If you EXAMINE LOT you are asked, "[Which lot do you mean, the vacant lot or the parking lot?]". Answering VACANT produces, "[You can't see any vacant lot here.]".
  6. In both versions, if you go to Courthouse, where "A woman is being tried for petty theft", then TALK TO WOMAN says, "She can't hear you from here.", but APPROACH WOMAN says, "He's here!".

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