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Zapa (2020-01-25)
Thanks for the Fast Commodore 64 Basic article!

Jo Be (2018-02-20)
And heres what started it off "I will never, ever accept that segregation in society solves problems or makes things better. Its a simple, stupid and ill thought out solution with far reaching consequences that are seen throughout history as a step backwards. Apartheid, Slavery, Holocaust and eventual genocides to name but a few obvious and extreme examples. So a womens only festival instead of creating festivals that are safe for all people of all race and all sexual orientation from all types of assault? No thanks! This is a huge fail for so many reasons."

Jo Be (2018-02-20)
Do yo believe in sexual equality in this gaming? Or is it a mens only game? Or a womens only game?

Fredrik (2015-11-05)
Live:Yes. Updates: Not often.

Gunner (2015-10-27)
Does this website still alive (updating)?

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